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Creating a company profile is free and straightforward. You fill out a form and after a quick review process it becomes publicly available.

Your Moonka.space profile will be a first point of contact for your future colleagues and business partners.


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Post a job description, and book a slot in our calendar.

We will reach out to discuss details so that future candidates can better understand what is being offered and what is expected.

Your finished job listing will then be showcased to our audience of curious minds looking for better jobs.


Collaborate on applications

When it comes to managing applications, we help you focus not only on growth but strategic transformations.

Good teams are complex phenomena that do not scale in a linear fashion.

That is why the core of our applicant management system is a collaborative tools where current members of the team can decide together how to move forward.

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You are more than a list of the places you worked and studied at.

At Moonka.space we let you focus on the kinds of problems you like to solve, the values you hold important and the things you want to learn.


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Once your account is set up, you will be met with a wide variety of curated job listings, each deeply thought through.

Whether you are proud of the fact that you still understand legacy systems or that you use the latest tools: welcome, you're in the right place.


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Our platform is tuned so that it surfaces the ways you can make an impact on the team you apply to.

Do you prefer a career path moving towards management? Want to stick to being hands on? You prefer the fast pace of a startup, the variety of agencies or the stability of a mature company?

This is the space where you can be open about these aspects and they are taken seriously.