Our Manifesto

Principles We Operate By

A business can make a variety of decisions that will end up defining the essence of its products and services. Some of these decisions are easy to make because they promise a quick reward. The following principles are laid out to help us filter our actions and foster a long term vision.

Equally an opportunity

Moonka.space is built on the simple idea that a working relationship is just as much an opportunity for the employer as it is for the job seeker.

Internalising this concept changes your perspective.

Your data is not for sale

We believe that there are more meaningful ways of making a profit than selling user data. While it's an easy way, our vision of the internet does not align with such practices.

Get rid of the gatekeepers

We are here to help build channels of understanding between companies and their teams and the people who are seeking to join them. While there are certain industries where traditional recruitment practices might work well, technology is not one of them. As such, listings from headhunters and recruitment agencies will not be accepted at Moonka.space.

Best music in town

Cafés can influence the kind of community they attract by carefully considering the music they'd play.

Our idea is to be the café with the best music in town, the cradle for the best discussions.

Chase meaning over profits

Simple as that. When there is a choice between providing a more meaningful service and reaping off some short term gains, always choose the former. Not even as a form of altruism: in the longer term, it will simply pay off better for everyone involved.

Diversity benefits everyone

Diversity is not just some feel-good message. It is doing the right thing, but much more than that. Bringing people in from various backgrounds enables a company to build products and services with the wisdom of a range of different people embedded in them. Building diverse companies is worth it for everyone involved.

Software is a tool, not a trap

Our tools should simplify business processes and not complicate them further. Establishing a working relationship is a fundamentally simple decision. It shouldn't be complicated too much by software.

Pay everyone fairly

...where "everyone" includes interns, too: they are exceptionally educated young people who represent new chances to keep a company up to date and relevant. Moonka.space will only list paid internship positions.

Make lives better

When all is said and done, a company should exist for one simple reason: to make lives better. That includes its founders, its employees, its users and partners.

Every action the company takes should be aligned to this requirement: does it improve someone's quality of life. This is the ultimate meaningful metric, no matter how hard it is to quantify.