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We reach out to your team to discuss company culture, technical choices, team structure and interview processes.Once the process is over, together we are going to publish your most appreciated job listing ever.Your company profile and first job listing is just a few clicks away: create an account.

Standard Job Listing

  • Reviewed, clear technical requirements
  • Consultation with your HR or management
  • Consultation with your technical team
  • Company profile showcasing values
  • Tools for managing applications

Preselect Candidates

  • Overwhelmed with applications? Let us preselect the cream of the crop. Perfect for remote roles.

Teams hiring teams.

Transparent applicant stage management, feedback tooling and collaborative platform.Our free Comet plan gives access to our basic features for a single user.Get started by creating an account!


Designed for:

Forward-thinking companies looking to engage with the most curious minds revolving around the Earth.
  • Unlimited users
  • Personalised stage handling


Tailored for:

Enterprises growing rapidly, having intricate workflows, demanding robust reporting capabilities.
  • Advanced reporting
  • Custom integrations

Unlimited. Forever.

Contact us to take part — the perks of the unlimited plan last forever, but the offer is available for a limited time only.


  • The lifetime deal. Unlimited users. Unlimited job listings. Forever. Future features included.

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