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We understand that moving all your data can be a tedious process, and we acknowledge any doubts you may have about investing time in setting up your profile on a new platform.

We are so confident in the value we offer that we are willing to invest our own time. Once you create an account, you will be prompted to provide information from your existing professional platforms. With just a few copy-pastes, you'll be ready to go. We will take care of the rest, and within a couple of days, you'll have the best professional presence you've ever had — a shiny new Moonka.space profile.

If you’ve recently been affected by the layoffs, we are certain that a Moonka.space profile can greatly benefit you moving forward.

Let me explain why I'm so convinced.

Having experienced it all myself, I understand your frustration. Prior to founding Moonka.space, I worked for years as a software developer — as an employee, a freelancer, and as the owner of a small software studio.

I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. The social networks that claim to be professional can be a nightmare. They're filled with overused tropes, a constant stream of self-promotion, humble bragging, and recruitment spam, where the senders often can't even differentiate between Java and JavaScript.

The reason Moonka.space exists is that the current state of affairs is irreversibly rotten. Interacting with content on these platforms has become a chore, a part of office politics, not to mention the actual effort required to create content. Toxic positivity is everywhere, while genuine conversations are increasingly rare. The constant bombardment of clichés and recycled industry insights has created an environment where authenticity and originality are overshadowed.

Recognizing these issues, Moonka.space emerged as a solution, aiming to disrupt the status quo and provide a breath of fresh air for inquisitive minds.

Amidst this disillusionment, there is a glimmer of hope in the form of an alternative platform. This revolutionary platform focuses on authentic values, precise skill assessments, healthy and clear communication, and collaborative hiring.

What you see on Moonka.space is not determined by an advertising algorithm driven by bidding prices. Instead, you see opportunities that are relevant to your success.

Only companies with whom we've had deep discussions are allowed on the platform, and third parties such as recruitment agencies are permanently prohibited from creating accounts and listing jobs.