Greetings from our founder

Hey out there —

I am Zoltán, the founder and caretaker of, and I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on the evolving nature of work and the mission behind our platform.

The concept of work is constantly evolving. Traditionally, work revolved around obtaining a tangible reward through physical labor.

Throughout history, from the era of steam engines to the advent of advanced AI assistants, we have amassed an array of tools to enhance our efficiency.

The once-obvious relationship between our efforts and the rewards we expect has become increasingly abstract, making it challenging to discern what truly matters.

Conventional economic models have failed to comprehend the possibility of excess. Perhaps not surprisingly, having an abundance of efficiency is not commonly perceived as a problem.

In the same way we throw away plastic packaging every day, we've grown accustomed to running woefully ineffective software simply because we possess the capability to do so. Plastic is cheap to produce, and the latest hardware can effortlessly handle virtually any task at an impressive speed. Externalities? Just a fancy word.

In my observation, many employers and employees approach work in a similar manner.

Even if a company lacks a clear vision of their ideal candidate, let alone the ability to communicate their requirements effectively, they can still manage to sustain themselves and generate profit.

Conversely, individuals may find themselves engaged in work that fails to ignite their inner fire, yet they continue to receive compensation and may even ascend the ranks.

Amidst this era of unprecedented efficiency, we have forsaken the fundamental tenets of working relationships — finding individuals who are personally motivated by working on hard issues and finding companies that offer challenging problems for them to solve.

The signs of the existing system crumbling are already emerging. is here to shake things up.

We are here to challenge the status quo and bring clarity back to work. Our mission is to help companies create job listings that truly reflect their needs, cutting through the noise and uncertainty. For job seekers, we provide a platform to showcase their true values and find work that aligns with their aspirations. It's all about fostering a community where authentic matches are made.

Our vision is clear. We believe the future of work lies in embracing curiosity, passion, and purpose.

Let us bring better jobs for curious minds. Join today!

Onward and upward,

Cserei Zoltán

Cserei Zoltán (signature)