Supporting Ukraine stands with Ukrainians

An offer to help Ukrainian companies

Allow me to share a vivid memory from the onset of the war — one that remains etched in my mind. I distinctly recall the moments of drifting to sleep while watching a live stream of the shelling at the Zaporizhzhia power plant. "Is this how the world might end?" — I thought, trying to figure out if it's even worth contemplating what to do in case the stream abruptly ends with a flash.

The disbelief I experienced was overpowering, eclipsing even the kind of fear that I have never experienced before.

Residing near the station where trains arrive from Ukraine, I witnessed countless individuals grappling with uncertainty, trying to navigate their newfound reality. Calls for support primarily sought essentials like food, diapers, shoes, and warm jackets. In an attempt to bring a moment of joy to a distressed child, I ended up buying a bag of my favorite Swiss chocolate truffles.

Why do I share this story?

Because I recognize that Ukraine's most urgent need is material assistance, and here I am once more with a metaphorical bag of chocolate truffles.

Nevertheless, let us hold steadfast hope that one day the war will cease, allowing Ukraine to rebuild, strengthen its economy, and safeguard its cherished freedom. I am confident that Kyiv and the entire country will emerge from this tumultuous period stronger and more prosperous.

Ukraine has long garnered recognition for its formidable tech sector, fostering the growth of influential companies like Grammarly and WhatsApp. While there are various paths to prosperity, cultivating a thriving private sector with growing startups undeniably stands as a key factor.

At, we assist companies in understanding their hiring needs and connecting them with suitable candidates. Additionally, we provide a complimentary service to craft impressive company profiles. We are committed to supporting Ukrainian entrepreneurs in contributing to the long-term success of their nation. As such, we extend a special offer to Ukrainian companies: a free job listing valued at $150 and an annual Comet subscription to our collaborative applicant tracking tools valued at $790.

Our aim is to extend this opportunity to as many Ukrainian companies as possible, and we sincerely appreciate your assistance in spreading the word.

From our bases in London and Budapest, we wholeheartedly wish you strength in facing the injustices you endure.

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