Please Complain, We Love It

We are here to help

Our aim is that our product would speak for itself. However, more eyes see more. If you reach out to us through any of our support channels, we will treat it as an act of help. Whenever you encounter an issue, it means we have a chance to make our product better for you and all our users. Feel free to reach out, we appreciate it and respond swiftly!

Our development process is open

At we deal with two highly complex matters. We protect the personal information of all the curious people that trust us that we will be able to introduce them to better work. Also, we are at the backbone of some of the most important decisions in the growth of our partner companies.

Thus, our platform is in the background for turning points in people's and companies' life. Allowing this presence requires trust, and in order to have a chance to earn it, we commit to full transparency regarding our decisions.

For the foreseeable future, our source code will stay closed. However, our product and development decisions are made in the open. Visit our roadmap on GitHub to keep an eye on our processes. You are also welcome to open an issue - doing so actually saves us time.

The technical structure behind is also available on our StackShare profile. Our service status is also public.

Send us mail!

If you prefer to use your own client, just send an email to