It's Friday, you've been through a tough week. You open your delivery app of choice, spend 5 minutes and $20 maybe ordering a pizza to sit back and relax. Seconds after you've hit order, a notification pops up "A human being has seen your order". An hour later, you can forget about the entire interaction. Yet, you've grown to expect this level of transparency and get angry if that pizza is late or cold.

Why don't we expect the same from jobs?

Using the above metrics, let's look at a typical job application and see how ridiculous the comparison gets. Time. For a typical job application, you often spend days compiling your details and if it's successful, it can often define years of your life. Money. Instead of the mere $20, given industry rates, a job can easily become a six-figure question. Yet, we're kind of okay with not hearing back from a company. Nobody likes it, but we've kind of accepted this is how things work.

Some companies are nicer and they do give feedback. However, given the volume of applications they often have to deal with, what we get is usually a template email where it's a good sign if we're not called {{firstName}}.

Is there an acceptable compromise?

Our mission at is alleviating some of the issues that have become ubiquitous in the tech hiring space. Learning from the open startup and building in public movements, there's a clear lesson: share as much data as you can without hurting interests. It helps every party involved. There's clarity, transparency and learning.

We apply the same principle to job applications. Teams can set up stages, which is usual for any hiring tool. However, they can also attach public labels to these stages. Developers immediately get a notification if their application is updated. No need for verbose emails to be written or read. A label changes, without any effort from the company and with all the information the applicant wants to know.

And to bring pizza closer to tech jobs: once somebody sees your application, you'll know it.

In case something more needs to be said, there's always the option to say more. Do you want extra pepperoni? Maybe you want whipped cream on your Hawaii pizza to piss off even more Italians? You got it.

But when one word is all that's there, we don't have an excuse to make things more complicated than getting pizza.

May we take your order?

Whether you're a developer looking for a job or you represent a company hiring, create an account in less time than it takes to order that pizza and we'll set everything up for you.